Unique decks, unique characters

In Hostile Takeover, your characters have custom cybernetics that allow them to use a host of abilities represented by cards. Find and install new cards or remove existing cards to customize each deck to your liking. Want to teleport your allies and enemies across the room? Throw grenade after grenade? Deflect enemy attacks back at them? Find the right cards, install them, and hope they're primed when you need them.

Tactical turn-based combat

Use strategy and planning to defeat your enemies! Fight and eliminate corporate security guards, ruthless thugs, robotic foes, and hired mercenaries as you do battle on a tactical grid. Take cover and stay out of the line of fire, or push forward to keep your targets in range!

Cybernetic Upgrades

Install powerful cybernetic upgrades to greatly change how a character plays!

Unique Levels 

Each level is comprised of hand crafted combat encounters, mixed with randomly generated
special events, character modifications, and more!

Boss Fights

You didn't think you were hired because the job was easy, did you? Each corporation houses a unique gatekeeper that intends to stop you, or take you down with them.